PremiumTrust Bank

Advisory Services

Every business, irrespective of the sector has its functional peculiarities. At PremiumTrust Bank, we understand the uniqueness of businesses, and we are well equipped with an experienced team of qualified experts from different sectors of the Nigerian economy to provide cutting-edge advisory services for businesses in agriculture, health, education, solid minerals, transport and real estate.

We also extend advisory solutions in five key functional areas of your business such as finance, operations, marketing, management and product development. We enjoin you to leverage on our thought leadership position and strong capacity in specialized banking to enhance, direct and reposition your business for improved and optimal performance.​

We are now in Ado-Ekiti

We officially opened our doors to the people of Ado-Ekiti and its environs by commissioning our Ado-Ekiti Branch on the 27th of September, 2022.

Our Ado-Ekiti branch is the 7th branch to be launched since PremiumTrust Bank commenced operations in April 2022. The branch is located at Block VI, Plot 7, along Adeyinka Adebayo/Secretariat road, New Iyin road, Ado-Ekiti.


Health is wealth is a common mantra we all know. Without a healthy society, it is often difficult to drive any other area of the economy. This was clearly evidenced during the Covid-19 pandemic when the world economy was almost shut down leading to economic recession in several countries. ​

At PremiumTrust Bank, we strongly believe that we have an important role to play in supporting our health sector given its crucial role in our individual and national lives. ​ ​​

Our value offerings in the health sector include:​

  • Funding of health care infrastructure and equipment​
  • Emergency loans for health care​
  • Partnerships with development organizations in the provision of capacity building and training for health workers​.


At PremiumTrust Bank, we appreciate the critical role of education and the need for the private sector to support government’s effort in funding education at all levels.

We have designed specialized educational products that will enable us:​

  • Support the provision of educational infrastructure in schools​.
  • Support parents, guardians and schools through access to finance​.
  • Provide funding for innovative technologies that will deepen teaching and learning through easy access to educational information for students and teachers​.
  • Strategically partner with development institutions for foreign direct investments in our educational sector​.
  • Provide advisory services to school proprietors in the areas of finance, marketing, operations and management by our team of seasoned educationists​.

Value Chain & Distribution

Every business has activities that defines its value chain and a distribution system that determines the quality, quantity and direction of flows of its products and services. ​

​At PremiumTrust Bank, we believe that sustaining the success of our customers’ businesses lies in our ability to maintain a strong value chain activities integration. We have provided the inputs, supplies and market linkages among our customers to guarantee the sustainability of their businesses through constant flows of raw materials, finished products and payments.​

In addition to finance, our experienced specialized banking team offers you useful advisory solutions, online digital platform for information on inputs, services and market linkage supports you need to ensure continued sustenance and growth of your business at all times.​

Agric Business

Agriculture remains the backbone of Nigeria’s economy. With business activities valued at over N30trillion, this sector accounts for over 25% of Nigeria’s annual gross domestic product (GDP) and provides more 65% of the country’s employment. ​

​ At PremiumTrust Bank, we recognize the crucial role of agriculture as the bedrock of Nigeria’s economy. We believe that the most sustainable approach to developing Nigeria’s agricultural and food system is to support the sector as a business right from the grassroots, hence we have structured and developed several products and services customized and tailored to meet the needs of our customers according to their roles in the agricultural enterprise value chain. ​​

Our offerings across the agricultural value include:

  • Farm and agro-machines and equipment financing​
  • Agro-inputs (seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, feeds, etc) financing
  • Agricultural (farm) project financing
  • Agro-commodity trade and export financing
  • Agro-processing financing​
  • Agro-products distributorship financing

We also finance the entire agricultural value chain businesses using intervention funds from our development finance institution partners including the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) at single digit (9%) interest rate. We participate in the CBN intervention programmes including CACS, ABP, RSSF, ACGSF, etc.​

In addition to funding, our team of highly experienced agribusiness experts always offer sound advisory solutions in the various areas of agriculture and business.

Non-Oil Export

Nigeria largely depends on crude oil for her foreign exchange earnings. Since the past decade, several countries are rapidly moving away from fossil fuel to renewable and alternative sources of energy.

This has led to declining demand for crude oil and dwindling foreign exchange earnings for Nigeria. At PremiumTrust Bank, we are committed to supporting businesses that enhance foreign exchange inflows through the proceeds from export of non-oil products from agriculture and solid minerals.​

Our export offerings include:

  • Production project financing
  • Stock aggregation and warehousing financing
  • Structured export trade financing
  • Bonds and guarantees
  • Trade working capital facility
  • Invoice discounting facility.​

Lead Sponsor of the National Sports Festival

PremiumTrust Bank is the Lead Sponsor of the National Sports Festivalholding in Asaba, Delta state. This is another giant stride in our support for youth and sports development, and we are committed to the growth of the sports industry in Nigeria. The National sports festival which is the 21st edition would commence on the 28th of November, 2022 and end on the 10th of December, 2022.