PremiumTrust Bank

banking practices

At PremiumTrust Bank, we are committed to responsible banking practices that ensure that your transactions are always safe and secure. It is our priority to also ensure that all those that need to be banked receive the much required banking services at their convenience.

Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion to us is to make available equal opportunities for all to access financial services.
We are here to ensure that individuals and businesses access appropriate, affordable, and timely financial products and services.

Cyber Security

We would continue to ensure that our channels meet up to security standards to help you enjoy safe, secured and seamless transactions.

Our Codes of Conduct

At PremiumTrust, we are guided by our carefully crafted principles and codes of conduct that we strictly adhere to for delivering best-in-class services to our esteemed customer.


We believe in the importance of human relationships. We love celebrating the uniqueness of each individual, and we encourage unity.
At PremiumTrust, we have created a culture where our employees know they are part of something bigger.


We encourage you to say something when you see something. This enables us to maintain a diligent organization.