PremiumTrust Bank Wins Most Innovative Bank Of The Year Award

The Chief Executive Officer of PremiumTrust Bank, Emmanuel Emefienim, has said that the emergence of the bank as LEADERSHIP  ‘Most Innovative Bank of the Year 2022’ would spur the Bank to continuously ideate, create and implement digital solutions that will positively transform the nation’s banking industry.

Speaking exclusively with LEADERSHIP yesterday in Abuja, Emefienim said that the award serves as proof of impact and motivation for the Bank to do more; we are certain that by this time next year, the Bank should be on course to winning more awards.

Emefienim stated that PremiumTrust had made giant strides in the banking industry since it opened to customers in April 2022, by commissioning five branches within 90 days of operations, and thereafter, adding two more branches.

“So, within six months, we had opened seven branches; all of which, are firing on full cylinders. Also, because we are digitally focused, we ensured that we rolled out digital solutions that addressed the needs of our customers, thereby complementing brick-and-mortar with digital offerings.

Customers enjoy our very unique Mobile App where they can handle all their transactions from the comfort of their homes. The bank always ensures that it’s up and running, and our customers are super excited about this”.

“We intend to scale up the Mobile App by rolling out an updated and more improved version before the end of Q1 2023, which will guarantee seamless banking on the go for our highly discerning customers,” he said.

Speaking on the CBN Cashless Policy, Emefienim noted that cashless is the way to go.

“As a Bank, we are ready for it. The Policy aligns with our digital strategic focus which would position us as one of the leading digital banks in Nigeria before the end of the year.”